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Let's "tacobout" it - Kait's Perspective

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Congratulations! You are reading our first ever blog post!

How did Greg & I meet? The short version: we went to high school together. The long version: neither of us knew the other existed during high school. Confused? :)

Kait's perspective: After ending my engagement and being newly single of about 6months, I joined a dating app named "Hinge". I didn't want to. When I drive I often have pandora radio on. During that month of March 2019, all of the commercials on my Pandora radio were ads encouraging listeners to sign up for some dating app named "Hinge". I'm an old soul, I always pictured meeting my husband at a park or fancy gala. We would happen to catch each others glances across the way and just like that - happily ever after. Well, what actually happened, not even close. I could go on forever, so for now I digress. Back to our story. Eventually I got tired of the radio telling me that "Hinge was the number one dating app meant to be deleted" and "Check out our wedding announcements in the newspaper" Self-counsiously, I created a profile and for the first time in my life had no expectations.I went on a few first dates, but none of them ever progessed to a second date. Until one day. I matched with a dark haired, kind eyed man, with a #grait beard. We messaged on the app for about a full day before he asked me on a first date and we didn't speak again until it was date night. (which if you know me, you know I was late to) Have you guessed where our first date was yet? Drumroll... Our first date was at a resturant called Hudson Taco. I remember sitting there listening to him go on about our food and the complete history of how each taco on our plates had been prepared. I was kinda bored, not going to lie. I also remember lying and saying that I was late because one of the kids I was caring for threw up in my hair so I had to run home and shower before I came. I thought it was a fun anectdote and I have beem thrown up on before #nannyperks it just wasn't that day. Anyway, I thought we had a lovely first date. I also started to worry that there was a possibility that I might want to actually open up to someone again. Spoiler alert: I opened up and I fell in love. Oh, and I had some #grait tacos too! Ladies, he really was (and is) the perfection gentleman. #Fightforthefairytale #dontsettle

Gregs Perspective: Still being written :)

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