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Digital Media Services

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Jewelery Site Web Design

Websites and Branding

This plan is perfect for anyone looking to rebrand, have their website revamped, or for someone in need of a website. This plan will set you up with a visually engaging website and one social network of your choosing. Bonus* I will help you create a brand kit for free!

 Social Media Introduction

This plan is all about Social Media! I will set you up with as many social media accounts as your heart desires. From there, I will give you a run down of how each platform works and how you can use them to benefit your business.

Typing on a Computer

Content Calendar

It can be quite overwhelming trying to decide what to post, what account to post it on, and what time of day your post should go up. I will set you up with a content calendar, teach you how to plan posts and how to schedule them in advance. Before you know it, you won't even need me!

Social Media Management

Don’t have time to run your social media, don’t stress! I will help you create your accounts, build your calendar and curate content for you. I will run your accounts, so you can run your business. All posting, analytics, and engagement will be taken care of for you. This plan might as well be called: the Stress Reliever!

Digital Media: Services

Examples available upon request.

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